• Software for: RS130 GPS
  • Version: v3.03 application / v1.15 bootloader
  • Date Released: October 2015
RS130 GPS  

Software History

Version Release Date Features
v3.03app Oct 2015
  • Now correctly reports device function, class and identifier
  • RS130 GPS module upgraded to 5Hz operation, on NMEA2000.
v1.15boot Oct 2015
  • Unit no longer intermittently enters a mode (on power up) where it stops receiving messages.
    •  ---- Note; You cannot upgrade the unit if it has stopped receiving messages - If it has stopped receiving messages, a power cycle would normally recover it.

    •  Once you upgrade the Bootloader, you have to install the Application Code back into the RS130.
v2.20app Apr 2012
  • RS130 now reports the correct date when daylight savings time is in effect.



Feb 2012
  • INITIAL RELEASE application and bootloader