This software update FAQ relates to the following products:

  • Joystick Control Unit (JCU) for Thermal Camera Products
Please note:  You will require a PoE injector to power up the JCU and a Windows 7 computer to perform the software upgrade on the JCU.


Stage 1: Downloading the Software for the Product

  1. Select the appropriate software download for your product from HERE
  2. Upon completion of the download, click on the folder where the downloaded files have been saved to open it
  3. If the downloaded file is a .ZIP file, extract the contents of the .zip file
  4. Ensure you know the location of the file on your Computer, so you can find it later.

Stage 2: The update method

Helpful Information about the JCU update

 The JCU IP address can be obtained by;

  • Press/Hold the COLOR and PUCK together simultaneously to show the IP address on the display

 The Software version of the JCU can be obtained by:

  • Press/Holding the MENU and USER together simultaneously - it will show "Resetting JCU" followed by the Software Version, i.e. V:1.F.00062  for version v62

Updating a JCU via a Laptop Computer running Windows 7

  1. Please make sure the JCU is connected to the Laptop's ethernet port. The JCU requires Power and so a PoE injector is recommended between the JCU and the Laptop.
  2. Power on the JCU and Press/Hold COLOR and PUCK together simultaneously to show the IP address of the JCU on the display
  3. Open Internet Explorer (recommended browser) on the Laptop and enter the following URL into address bar containing the JCU's IP address, i.e. If the JCU's IP was then enter and press return.
  4. If correct communications is obtained, you should see an XML script of the networked product (screenshot below).
  5.  JCU_Network_Info
    1. If the XML script is not displayed then it may be necessary to add the IP address of the JCU to the "Compatibility View" settings in the Tools option of the Internet Explorer browser.
    2. OR, the computer is not detecting the networked JCU and so, using an IP sniffer software, i.e. Wireshark, to view the active IP network into the computer.
    3. OR, if the JCU is set to a Static IP address, you may be required to manually change the IP address of the computer within range of the JCU IP address; i.e. using the above JCU's IP address as an example, I would configure my Laptop's Ethernet port to a static IP of
  6. Once the JCU has been detected and the XML Script is shown, type the IP  address of the JCU (as above) followed by /index.html, to access the Web Interface. i.e.
  7. You will see the following screen where you can perform the software upgrade (additionally, this is where you can change/configure Static or Dynamic IP address settings for the JCU).
  8. JCU_Web_Interface
  9. Next, click Browse... and locate the software file on your computer that you previously downloaded from the web site for the JCU - i.e. JCU_v64.bin
  10.  Press Upload and the upgrade will begin. After a short time, the browser will update with "Download Complete. Please wait for the device to restart".
  11. As the Upgrade moves through to completion and the JCU re-starts, the display will show the following stages:
  12. JCU_Writing_SW_and_Restart
  13. On successful completion of the software upgrade, confirm the version by Press/Holding the MENU and USER keys together simultaneously - it will show "Resetting JCU" followed by the Software Version, i.e. V:1.R.00064  for version v64