YachtSense Link Software Update

YachtSense Link Software Update

Software download and update information for Raymarine YachtSense Link marine mobile router

  • Bundle Version: 4.21
  • Release Date: August 2023

Important Terms of downloading software

Firmware update processes are done at your own risk. Before initiating the update process be sure to backup and make copies of all important files.

If the firmware process is interrupted your product may not function properly, therefore do not interrupt the process and ensure the unit is on a reliable power supply. Damage caused by incomplete upgrades will not be covered by Raymarine warranty.

By Downloading the software, you agree to these terms.

Software History

V4.21Aug 2023

New Features

  • YachtSense Link now supports Over the Air updates, even if it is not on-boarded
CloudConnector V1.2500Aug 2023

Product Improvements

  • YachtSense Link optimised the amount of information being uploaded to the Cloud, so less data is being consumed
  • Adjusted Depth filtering when uploading to the cloud - Resolution now is 0.1m if <10m and 1m if =>10m
V4.20Aug 2023

New Features and Improvements

  • Implemented “Bridging” of data between the Wireless and RayNet networks on the YachtSense Router
  • Allow user to manually select a cellular network – Ideal when roaming

Resolved Issued & Improvements

  • User Interface Improvements:
    • Within the Info section, now display the IPv4/IPv6 cellular status information
    • When disabling the SBAS satellites, it no longer deselects all of the SBAS constellations (this was annoying as one would have to reenable them one by one if they wanted to reenable SBAS)
  • Resolved an issue where the system was not obtaining an IPv6 address from the cellular provider
  • Implemented an advanced Modem Debug log, should additional information be required when fault finding
  • The "Connected Devices" page now shows up to 40 products (was previously limited to 20)
  • Resolved an issue where the data usage graph went blank on SIM2
  • Improvements to SIM1 and SIM2 switching functionality
  • Identified and resolved a high CPU usage issue
  • Improved the 'Access Point Name' (APN) settings and selection
  • Other general User Interface and operational improvements
v1.73 N2K stackJun 2023
  • GPS fix timeout issue resolved on network
  • Improvements to prevent future GPS rollover issues
  • Corrected wind speed units from knots to m/s
  • General other minor improvements

CloudConnector v1.20000

Jun 2023
  • Resolves an issue where the router I/O switch controls could intermittently not respond in the app, when off the vessel (control over the itnernet)
  • Engine Dynamic and Transmission Dynamic messages now correctly uploaded to the Raymarine app
V4.17Jan 2023

Resolved Issued & Improvements

  • Improved Crash Logs download, from YachtSense Link to MFD/MicroSD card
  • Updated User Interface to change references of "Rayconnect" to "Raymarine"
  • Resolves an IPV4 to IPV6 IP address processing issue, witnessed when using certain networks
Aug 2022
  • Required release for full support with the Raymarine App, when on-boarding the YachtSense Link router.
  • It is important that a router is "un-boarded" from the cloud, when it is no longer associated with the original user (e.g., the sale of a vessel/changing ownership of product/replacement etc.). This is done via the Raymarine App.
Jun 2022Initial Release

Open Source GPL/LGPL

Some Raymarine products contain software code developed by third parties that are covered by open source GPL and LGPL software license agreements. You can view the third party license agreements by visiting the Manuals section of our website.

The open source GPL and LGPL licensed executables can be located within the Yacht Sense Link calibration page help section.

Software Update Instructions

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