YachtSense Digital Switching Software

YachtSense Digital Switching Software

Software version and history information for Raymarine YachtSense Digital Switching System.

  • Version: V5.1.14
  • Release Date: June 2024

Please contact your local Raymarine Dealer or raise a ticket with Customer Help to obtain the software.

Software History

V5.1.14June 2024

New Features / Resolved Issues & Improvements

  • YachtSense Digital Control System was found to be going into a reboot cycle when any fuse on the system trips -This issue is now resolved
  • Further NMEA 2000 PGN support for third party proprietary sentences (Codesys library upgrade required)
  • YachtSense Digital Control System when connected with an Axiom blocking MDS – now resolved (Codesys library upgrade required)
  • Error message now available on the YachtSense Digital Control System remote when there is a communication issue
  • Watchdog now expanded to include resistance, voltage & current multi-switches (Codesys library upgrade required)
  • Maintenance tool now available for updating software directly without the need for Codesys/Jmobile and ability to send files without including source code
  • The backlight will remain illuminated during any future software upgrades after this software upgrade

Updated cloud connecter v1.3110

V5.0.11March 2024

New Features and improvements:

  • The YachtSense app can be displayed in Splitscreen and Fullscreen app pages, the YachtSense Digital Control System must be configured to allow use of splitscreen pages
  • There are now 400 available channels per YachtSense Digital Control System
  • Ability to change fuse ratings is now within dealer mode only
  • Error message displayed when more than 3 YachtSense apps open now resolved and multiple apps can be open simultaneously
  • Outputs configured to turn on from startup are now turning on correctly
V4.0.426July 2023

Updated Cloud Connector to improve communications between the Raymarine App control and the YachtSense Digital Switching (RDS) system.

• Improved upgrade process of the YachtSense system (applicable to future software releases):

  • The upgrade file is uploaded to the Master Module (via Codesys)
  • Reboot the Master Module and the internal processors will transfer/unpack the file
  • The Local Control Processor will upgrade itself and will then automatically transfer the upgrades to all remotes
  • All remotes will then unpack the file and upgrade themselves

Note: during upgrades, there is no feedback on the screens, however, the whole process should take approx. 10 minutes to complete

V3.0.424May 2023
  • Improvements to communications when in larger SeaTalk NG networks (high traffic systems)
  • Resolved an issue with PGN130824 that could cause the Master to go into Limp Home Mode
  • After software upgrade, the system now resets YachtSense memory “override” settings, such as fuse setting/load type or overridden outputs
V2.4.420September 2022
  • Cloud connector updated from 1.1240 to 1.1263
  • Improvements to the RDS onboarding with the cloud
  • General communications improvements within the RDS system, between modules
V2.3.416June 2022
  • Addresses an issue with the on-boarding & off-boarding process

Note: If you are not using Cloud services in your existing configuration, then there is no need to upgrade to this version.

V2.2.415June 2022


  • Initial implementation of Cloud connectivity via YachtSense Link
    • Raymarine app support
    • Switching control from Cloud via mobile app
    • Cloud alerts can be raised resulting in SMS notifications and alerts showing in mobile app
    • Support for over-the-air upgrade of cloud-connector component
    • Note – The config file needs to be modified for cloud functionality
  • Allow customisation of AVAHI services, which also implements support for a secondary Master
    module where more RS-485/J1939 ports are required

Software improvements:
Resolved MFD intermittently failing to load Switching pages

  • Additional improvements for large vessel configurations
  • Modification of Voltage thresholds for Hi/Lo/Rev outputs
V1.4.367September 2012
  • Resolves memory issue on larger systems (1 master & > 4 remotes)
    • We have currently tested up to 6 remote modules. For systems requiring more than 6, we
      recommend to contact the Raymarine Digital Switching team for direction.
V1.3.366May 2021


  • Added support to read Master unit battery voltage

Software improvements:

  • Codesys persistence not working
  • Watchdog in locpComms
  • Invalid response to TrippedChannelLightOn messages
V1.1.363March 2021Initial Release

Open Source GPL/LGPL

Some Raymarine products contain software code developed by third parties that are covered by open source GPL and LGPL software license agreements. You can view the third party license agreements by visiting the Manuals section of our website.

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