This software update FAQ relates to the following products:

  • aSeries, cSeries, eSeries, eS Series, gS Series

Stage 1: Backing Up Your Waypoints, Routes and Tracks (Optional)

It may be necessary to reset your MFD after the update if there is an issue. Please make sure you take a backup of any important data. However it is always wise to keep a backup of any important data you may have

To backup your waypoint/route/tracks data using a a, c, e or gS Series MFD please follow the steps outlined HERE
To backup your configuration/settings data using a a, c, e or gS Series MFD please follow the steps outlined HERE

The steps for restoring this data to the MFD are also contained in this same FAQs.

Note: A single Flash memory card to both backing up the data within one’s MFD as well as for performing the software update. When using this Flash memory card for backing up the data within one’s MFD, be certain to not insert the memory card into the MFD’s memory card reader/writer until the MFD has been powered up and has completed its startup initialization.

Stage 2: Populating the mSD Flash Memory Card with the MFD Software

Note: To avoid potentially corrupting the data on your chart card, DO NOT copy software update files to your chart card and DO NOT back up waypoint/route/track data to your chart card. MicroSD cards are commonly available in most stores selling consumer electronics products. Waypoint, route, track data, and system configuration data can be stored on a microSD memory card which also contains software update files.

  • You are NOT required to update the products software versions sequentially. For example, you can go from v6.27 to v14.36
  • The mSD (Micro SD) memory cards used with a/c/e/eS/gS Series MFDs should have a memory capacity of no less than 1GB and no more than 32GB.
  • The mSD card should be formatted to FAT32. (External link: Instructions)
  1. Insert a compatible Flash memory card into the computer's memory card reader or into a memory card reader which has been interfaced to the computer.
  2. Select the appropriate software download for your product from HERE
  3. Upon completion of the download, click on the downloaded file to open it
  4. Copy all files to the Root of the Flash card (Root is the first level you access when selecting the Flash). Make sure the files are not in any folders on the card
    (See video below for examples. Files will vary depending on update)

    • For example: if your computer has assigned Removable Disk (E:) to your memory card reader/writer, then the software update files should be copied directly to Removable Disk (E:), not to any folders created on the memory card.

    • Note: You are only opening the ZIP file that is downloaded. You cannot open the files contained in the ZIP file, these have extensions such as .dob .pkg .sh .sh.sig.iso with various file names. If you attempt to open these files you will see an error as they are designed to update your Raymarine products and not for use in a Windows, Apple or Linux PC.

  5. Remove the memory card from the computer's memory card reader.

Please note these videos do not have audio

Stage 3: The update method

About the update

The a, c, e, eS, gS Series software download now contains the latest version of software for the following peripherals:

  • Adaptors – ST1-STNG Converter, ECI-100, iTC-5
  • Fishfinders – CP100, CP200, CP370, CP470, CP570
  • Instruments – i50, i60, i70, iTC-5, p70
  • Pilots – Evolution ACU, Evolution CCU, p70
    Note: The included R4 pilot software requires recalibration of the autopilot once complete. Uncheck during the MFD software installation if you are not prepared to recalibrate your pilot at this time.
  • RMK-9
  • VHF - Ray50, Ray60, Ray70 (not the 2nd Station Handset)

Once the Master MFD has updated, any connected MFD or peripheral will be updated as well.

  1. Power ON all Raymarine electronics
  2. Turn off the Master MFD and insert the mSD card containing the software update
  3. Power ON the Master MFD
  4. Wait until the screen notifies you that the software update has completed (this can take time, DO NOT power down the display during this procedure)
  5. Reboot the unit (c/e Series will do automatically, a/gS Series you need to turn power off to the display) and acknowledge the Usage limitations
  6. At this point, if you have additional MFD's or any accessories that are eligible to be updated, you will be prompted to update these too.
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions
  8. Once all the devices in the system are updated, please verify that this is correct by going to the following screen:

Checking the software versions of your Raymarine products

  • The MFD's and peripherals software version may be verified via the command sequence:
  • [Home screen] Setup > Maintenance > Diagnostics > Select Device

Please note: You will only see Raymarine devices that are connected on SeaTalkNG and RayNet only. Other devices may not be listed

Power on reset (Optional)

Historically, the Raymarine Technical Support teams have encouraged users to perform the power-on reset (also, known as factory reset, hard reset or master reset) on the Multifunction display products after a software upgrade. This nature of reset is not deemed necessary when upgrading with the Lighthouse II software.

However, should you feel there is any reason to perform a reset, you should only have to perform the “Settings Reset” within the menu ([Home screen] Setup > Maintenance > System Settings Reset). This will retain the waypoints/ routes & tracks in the unit. The “Power-on Reset” should only be required if the MFD will not boot correctly and will delete all data (Settings/Waypoints/Routes/Tracks) from your MFD.

c, e, eS Series Power on Reset

  1. Turn the unit off
  2. Press and hold the Back Button
  3. Keeping the Back Button pressed in turn the unit on
  4. After the Splash screen you should see a Dark screen, Press the WPT Button (Waypoint) which is the option for Factory Reset
  5. After confirmation n that FLOB has been dumped, Press Exit and then restart the unit

a, gS Series Power on Reset

  1. Turn the unit off
  2. Turn the unit back on
  3. When the Splash Screen appears press and hold the Power key
  4. After the Splash screen you should see a Dark screen
  5. Press the Power Button until you highlight 'Reset FLOB' and a countdown will appear
  6. Wait until the Countdown finishes and the unit will reset and it will reboot