Rick Moore

Sailboat Captain and Video Producer
Rick Moore

Our Raymarine Ambassador, Rick Moore, spent many years in entrepreneurial ventures before landing as captain of Sophisticated Lady. Learn how his path to the sea sprang from designing clothes to customer electronics and how he takes more than 150,000 passengers along for his adventures on the Caribbean.

Everything Ventured for a Life on the Sea

Rick Moore had many entrepreneurial businesses before landing on Sophisticated Lady as part captain, part producer and all Raymarine ambassador.

Rick Moore

“It's not every day someone like me gets signed up with a major company like Raymarine – a big international company behind some big product lines. I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for Raymarine.” – Captain Rick Moore

Luck by Design

Where many sailors are born into lives on the sea, Rick Moore’s story is entirely different. The roots of Captain Rick’s career grew from an entrepreneurial spirit and a hunger for learning. Moore grew up in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and proved himself to be a budding entrepreneur in high school when he reproduced a jacket he saw on the lead singer of rock band, Platinum Blonde. Turns out, that jacket was a one-of-a-kind design. When he wore it to the band’s concert, the lead singer spotted him and raved about his talented reproduction. So impressed, the band hired him as their fashion designer for years to come. From there, the entrepreneurial spirit took flight.

tropical paradise

Serial Entrepreneurship

Rick continued on a path of new business ventures – from automotive electronics to water treatment systems to a parasailing business and designing remote control aircraft for the Ontario Provincial Police. But it would be his skills in building custom audio systems that would bridge his world to sailing in the tropics. When undergoing training in Florida and doing business in Jamaica, Rick dreamed of living in a tropical place. After a friend introduced him to sailing, it clicked. Rick remembers, “Once I had discovered sailing, I knew I had made the connection between wanting to live in the tropics and how I would be able to get there and live there long term.”

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A Constant Learner

Rick spent the next few years learning everything he could about boats and transitioned his work into selling and installing marine electronic systems. At the same time, he began to dabble in multimedia computer software and made his first DVD to promote a fledgling sailing charter business in the Caribbean. After acquiring many licenses and certifications and purchasing the “Sophisticated Lady,” he would begin his new life in the tropics he once dreamed about.

Sophisticated Lady sailboat

From Sea to Social Media

Today, Captain Rick lives full-time on the Sophisticated Lady running charters and producing videos for an audience of 150,000 YouTube subscribers and growing. You can tune into his adventures and tutorials on his Raymarine electronics, like his Evolution autopilot and Quantum 2 radar. Rick gushes at his partnership with Raymarine, “This high performance navigation and safety equipment makes it possible for us to keep our adventures going at full speed. We’ve built the best life we could dream of so it’s only fitting to have the best gear along for the journey.”

Rick Moore and family

Rick Moore
Rick Moore
Rick Moore
Rick Moore