WiFish Software

WiFish Software

Software download and update information for the Raymarine WiFish:

  • Applicable for: WiFish
  • Software Version: v15.05 Application / v15.19 Platform
  • Release Date: May 2016

Important Terms of downloading software

Firmware update processes are done at your own risk. Before initiating the update process be sure to backup and make copies of all important files.

If the firmware process is interrupted your product may not function properly, therefore do not interrupt the process and ensure the unit is on a reliable power supply. Damage caused by incomplete upgrades will not be covered by Raymarine warranty.

By Downloading the software, you agree to these terms.

Software history

VersionRelease DateFeatures
v15.05App/v15.19PlatMay 2016
  • Superior Downrigger Sonar performance
  • Improved bottom tracking capabilities
  • Bug fix in Wi-Fi connectivity for the mobile Wi-Fish app
v13.31April 2015
  • Enhanced sonar performance
  • Wi-Fish App dual sonar support
  • Initial Release

Open Source GPL/LGPL

Some Raymarine products contain software code developed by third parties that are covered by open source GPL and LGPL software license agreements. You can view the third party license agreements by visiting the Manuals section of our website.

To access the open source GPL and LGPL licensed executables click here

Software Update Instructions : Wi-Fish

The following covers the update procedure for the Wi-FishTM product only.

Download the software package and unzip the file contents to an empty microSD card.

- Insert the loaded microSD card into the rear card reader of the Wi-Fish unit

- Power on the Wi-Fish unit

- The LED will briefly show RED then revert to ORANGE to indicate the software upgrade is in progress

- After ~35 seconds, the LED will then revert to GREEN to indicate the software upgrade has complete

- The Wi-Fish unit will effectively re-boot and resume normal operation

- As soon as the Wi-Fi indicator illuminates BLUE, power down the Wi-Fish unit and remove the microSD card

- Re-power the Wi-Fish unit to resume normal operation


- Download and install the Raymarine Wi-Fish mobile app from iTunes/Google Play onto an iOS and/or Android device

- Power on the Wi-Fish unit

- Open the Wi-Fi settings on your iOS/Android device and select the Wi-Fish unit SSID, which will then prompt for the password to be entered

- The Wi-Fish unit’s SSID and password can be located on the serial number label underneath the product

- The Wi-Fi symbol on the Wi-Fish will illuminate BLUE when connected

- Open the Wi-Fish mobile app

- Click the More icon to access the Settings, Help and About options