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first responder boat

High-Performance Thermal Night Vision for First Responders

Especially designed for first responders, the FLIR M400XR offers detailed 640 × 480 thermal video, a long range HD Color camera, and a tight-beam LED spotlight for improved target identification.

In addition to active gyro-stabilization and radar tracking, the M400XR’s integrated video tracking can lock onto and follow objects within its field of view.

Firefighting mode displays a target temperature meter and isotherms to aid firefighters in battling blazes.

Long Range Detection

Optimized for long-range detection with 4X optical, thermal zoom

Active gyro-stabilization provides a steady view in rough seas

Enhanced awareness and low light detection with 30X high definition visible camera

fire fighting mode

Fire Fighting Mode

Engineered for first responders encountering vessels in distress and shoreside fire scenes

An isothermic color palette instantly reveals fire and hotspots through smoke and steam

On-screen temperature display helps pinpoint trouble areas

Video Tracking

Designed for surveillance operations, video tracking allows the crew to monitor a target of interest

Video tracking keeps the M400XR pan and tilt locked on any target using both visible or thermal cameras

ONVIF compatibility and IP video enables integration with NVRs and Network Video Management systems 

video tracking on M400XR

FLIR M400XR Models

FLIR M400XR Thermal Camera

SKU: 432-0012-04-00
FLIR M400XR Thermal Camera
  • 30 Hz Refresh Rate

FLIR M400XR Thermal Camera

SKU: 432-0012-04-00S
FLIR M400XR Thermal Camera
  • 9 Hz video refresh rate

FLIR M400XR Resources

Thermal Camera
Image Processing

FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement

Optical Zoom

1× to 4×

Thermal Detector Type

640 × 480 VOx Microbolometer

Thermal E-Zoom

1× to 4×

Thermal Field of View

24° to 6° HFOV / 1.5° HFOV with e-zoom

Thermal Focal Length

26 mm (Wide) to 105 mm (Narrow)

Video Refresh Rate

<9 Hz or 30 Hz (NTSC and PAL)

Visible Camera
Lines of Resolution

Up to 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps

Minimum Illumination

0.1 lux (ICR off, slow shutter off, high sensitivity off) / 0.006 lux (ICR on, slow shutter off, high sensitivity off)

Visible Detector Type

1/2.8” Exmor R CMOS

Visible E-Zoom


Visible Field of View

Optical 63.7° x 35.8° WFOV to 2.3° x 1.29° NFOV

Visible Focal Length

129 mm to 4.3 mm


30× Optical Zoom

Type Lumens and Beam

LED, 580 Lumens, 5° Divergence Angle

Analog Video Connector Types

F-type BNC with BNC-to-RCA adapter included for video out

Analog Video Output

NTSC or PAL, 30 Hz or <9 Hz

Firefighter Mode


Gyro Stabilized


HD-SDI Lossless Video Output


Network Video Output

Four, Independent H.264/MJPEG Network Video Streams

Pan-Tilt Adjustment Range

360° Continuous Pan, ± 90° Tilt

Power Consumption

<50 W nominal; 130 W peak, 250 W 2/heaters

Automatic Window Defrost

Standard at Power-Up



Lightning Protection


Operating Temperature Range

-13°F to +131°F (-25°C to +55°C)

Salt Mist


Sand & Dust Ingress



15 g vertical, 9 g horizontal

Storage Temperature Range

-56° F to + 176°F (-50°C to +80°C)


IEC 60945; MIL-STD-810E

Water Ingress



100 knots (115.2 MPH)


Camera: 10.8” (273mm) x 15.7” (398mm) / Camera with Top-Down Riser: 12.8” (324mm) x 18.1” (459mm)


28 lbs (12.7 kg) (w/o top-down riser)

Range Performance
Detect a 30-foot Vessel

3.7nm (6850m)

Detect Human Sized Target

1.0nm (1800m)

NATO Target 2.3m x 2.3m at 50 Pct.

2.5nm (4720m)

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